North Country Cotton Baby Socks

Ages ago I found the North Country Cotton Baby Sock Original online a few places.  Eventually it had links at Ravelry.  One of my links no longer works.  It may be available through Ravelry.  But since I’m not there I am going to add an original PDF here.


Some history.  My first sock was a baby sock.  Easy peasy nearly instant gratification.  Of course it turned out to be a slippery slope and I have since lost count of how many socks I have made.  I use the same pattern as a basis of my newborn or preemie socks nearly a lot. I most frequently use Fixation. I intend my socks to be worn by a newborn.  I am told  the touch of elastic keeps the socks on.   When I am making a preemie sock I usually use a US 1.  I use a US 2 for a newborn sock even though the original pattern suggests a 4 or 5. In my pdf I left that the same because it is their pattern.

That said, here are the basics of the pattern, rewritten without some of the extra wording to save ink or screen space.

Also, I find for a newborn sock most patterns suggest about  3 1/4 -3 1/2″.  Since I tend not to swatch and I make a ton of socks the ten rows isn’t always the right length.  One day I finally measured my finger.  My index finger is 3″ long.  So, I slip the sock on my finger.  Based on practice I know when to decrease for the toe.    I make the second with the same number or rows.

North Country Cotton Baby Socks rewritten with permission


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