Booties vs baby socks


When I make booties I make Christine’s Stay on Booties

Soon after I taught myself to knit, I wanted to try something other than a felted purse or scarf. I was afraid a sock was way over my head. Besides. Socks? Really? Don’t people have enough to do with their time?

I made a Christine’s bootie and am pretty sure they are the same pattern, or close variation that my kids were gifted way back when. They did stay on my kids.

But the version I made was not particularly show stopping. Soon I moved to a baby sock. My first sock. Such a slippery slippery slope. Like just one potato chip. Anyway, I found North Country Cotton Baby Socks first.

I finally added my pdf of that pattern (with permission) and my notes here ( ).   It is still my main go to. I knit most often with Fixation and love it.  Depending on your yarn and needle size this pattern easily goes from preemie to 12 months.

Sadly I’ve not gotten feedback on these or any other socks I’ve gifted. So I find myself with 4 babies I can knit for. I’m feverishly working on many pairs of various foot coverings. Maybe I’ll get feedback.

What patterns do you use? Have you had feedback?

One other quick note.  Were you clicking on my SocialVibe box?  Thanks so much.  (I know many were, you told me.)  Apparently I didn’t log in or some such thing.  The thing is, I’ve grown weery of giving more and more people my info.  Or making it so people can count me as a registered user.  For example Ravelry.  I’m still a registered user.  So as they establish their business (and Ravelry is a business) I am a registered user.  Just like Facebook.  So, instead of completing that process, I deleted that widget.  Thanks everyone.

Knit or crochet on everyone!


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