Just Nancy

Thanks for finding me. Most who visit here did so from a Ravelry link. If so repeating my bio wouldn’t be particularly interesting.

If not, briefly, I am a mom of two to grown kids, raised here on our dairy farm. My husband knows how happy knitting and crocheting makes me and he is quite supportive. At least until the projects take over the family room. Then I try to tame them a bit before starting more. Other times I am in my lovely glass studio.

My fiber projects are usually small. Accessories, preemie/baby items, and toys.

To my Ravelry friends feel free to keep writing to my gmail. I will respond. If you forget the addy, remember, Nancy knits often. πŸ˜‰ For those of you still curious about why I left Ravelry, I was given 2 strikes. I promised myself if I ever reached that point I would walk away.

First one, I was upset and contacted Casey. (Basically someone was picking apart my posts, and those of some other posters. A moderator stepped Ina nod said no more bickering. That person posted back, picking apart something I had said before the ‘announcement’. I replied, I would not respond due to the mod’s announcement. That got me banned for ‘discussing a moderator’s announcement.) He said he about it and didn’t think it was right, but that I should contact the moderators that were moderating at that time. Not sure how one would even do that.

Second one, there was a thread about stillborn baby patterns. People were saying to identify patterns with a stillborn tag would be grotesque and other things. I felt (and still do) identifying the proper patterns with a tag could keep people from stumbling upon such patterns and help people who want them, find them.

Someone commented that finding a pattern to bury a baby in is no different than finding something to bury grandpa in. And that hospitals provide clothing to bury a baby in. That plus the grotesque, morbid responses got to me. I said something about great if improvements have been made, but seems the tag would help people still searching because the needs for a little (preemie) are different than for grandpa.

That got me banned with strike two. So, as soon as that happened I contacted the moderators of groups I had co-moderators with a message I was leaving, appointed a moderator or two in my place, deleted most of my Flicker pictures and I was out of there.

I miss my friends. I don’t miss trying to guess what will be acceptable to the moderators and the masses. Here I don’t need to watch my every word.

Thanks for reading. Peace everyone!


4 Responses to Just Nancy

  1. I’m so sorry about your experience … people do react in strange ways! I wrote a poem about a miscarriage once (expressing the hurt and confusion felt by the mother), and the same thing happened. Sometimes people would rather suppress something than deal with it, even in a positive way like you were doing. Hope your wordpress experience is much beter! =D

    • Just Nancy says:

      Thanks. People are weird I guess. I try to stay in the neutral range.

      I have things I’m passionate about, but I still try to stay in a neutral range.

  2. Michele says:

    Hello! I don’t know if you’re still checking your site or not, but I found you on Ravelry through a post you left way back in 2009 about the Gard family in the Genealogy forum. I’m interested in Gard research, particularly from Indiana and Ohio (Preble Co.), and I’m hoping you might be able to help. If you’re not interested, that’s ok. No pressure.


    • Just Nancy says:

      Hi Michelle, I haven’t done real well staying active with my blog. Life on the farm and knitting. πŸ˜€ I don’t think our Gards have any Ohio locations. I am drawing a blank at the moment. Grandma was a Gard in Noble County Indiana.

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