Mango the Giraffe is Great

I think kids need a good size toy. Mango fills the bill. 🙂

I have made two original Mangos. There is also a Baby Mango Blanket Buddy. I plan to make that too. (For now I have been making a a pattern from a different designer, elephant and bunny hug knit blanket buddy because I liked the unstuffed head idea.).

I am a self taught knitter. There are a lot of things that stymie me and I give up. Mango gets an easy to follow, easy to construct rating from me. It also gets a decent rating for completion. If you know me, you know I like happy things. I don’t like fiddly, complex, repetitive, etc. I think if you have basic skills the pattern is easy to follow. The pattern changes just enough that even on that long solid color body I finished without boredom.

My only wish is that The Byrd’s Nest would one day alter this basic pattern to a similar bear, rabbit, cow, etc. Similar size, amount of whimsy, ease of construction. I can dream right?

Once this Mango has a head I will be back to add a finished picture. 🙂

Hope you have fiber fun in your day.



About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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