Baby Feet


I was at a Pampered Chef party a few months ago and a mom had her little girl along. She had on the cutest booties. What is it about baby feet? Would you be surprised if I said I watched the little one more than the lady selling kitchen things?

I started looking for still more sock and bootie patterns.

This is one of the patterns I found. I am gifting them to a mom who is a hunter. I hope she likes them for her new baby. I think the pattern is super cute. It even made my husband smile, so it may be a winner.

I was worried it might be fiddly or beyond my skills. Not at all. I will buy from this designer again. In fact, Margomadeit has an awesome pair of cowboy boots I want to try. They are knit flat and I hesitate due to seaming. Check back to see if I take the leap.

I have a newborn pair of boot socks on my needles. Picture to come.

Hope your day is full of happy things.

Not sure where my links are going. Here are the combat boots
And the Cowboy boots

I’m back. Got my socks done.

I have considered writing up my pattern, and have permission from Margo Made It to link to her design. (I think they photograph better together.). But life is a little hectic. Maybe soon. 😉

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