Miss Babs I think I love you

My dear husband has an issue with me making PayPal purchases. Not yarn, patterns or really much else. I think deep down when he sees PayPal he thinks I am some how shopping in my pjs, effortlessly clicking without thought.

Then comes my trip down another rabbit hole. Presenting: A Hop, A Skip, and A Jump

(Picture doesn’t do it justice.)

I think it was Wednesday night, about 11:30 I got my bright, crazy, Pink Yowza yarn….yes, via PayPay (in my pjs, from bed, in the dark). Glad dear husband won’t hold it against me for falling down this rabbit hole.

Now the yarn has arrived. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to rip in. So, no picture of the packaging. It was securely wrapped in tissue, then plastic. They had a message that they had compared the colorways and skeins and think they filled my request.

Boy did they! I am off to wind it and cast on Brickless after meeting a friend for lunch.

So excited. Miss Babs I think I love you and I will be back for some Yowza (I have used it before) and some sock yarn. 🙂

Hope your day has some fiber joy too!

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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