Rate this + feedback = Cotton Pickin’ Mad


Did you know if you give an Etsy seller. 3 star rating they can feel free to respond to you and ask why? But they don’t have to correct it. And can respond in their feedback that the problem has been corrected, while not sending you anything?

Maybe I am fixated on this. But when buying digital patterns, I assume the sites should have a bit of concern for both sides of the transaction. I know at Ravelry nothing from PM could be discussed. You know, privacy and all. So the seller’s promise to help with a pattern that never happened? Can’t be discussed. But she could keep saying she will gladly help. People keep buying, she goes largely free and clear. That bugs me.

At Etsy, turns out  they allow the seller to question you on a neutral rating. So from now on, I know their ratings may be skewed. I don’t want to check my convos to a message like “Before leaving your 3 star rating, I wish you had asked me to send the new patterns that I had scanned. Spilt milk!”

I had addressed the issue with her when they first arrived. Two were even damaged files. All 4 looked like scans of word documents. They were PDFs of scans. Why not save them as PDFs in the first place?

This is a stupid thing to be upset about, I know. But I am. In public feedback she says she corrected the files. But on the other sites, people with old copies could have gotten new copies. I don’t really want them at this point. But she shouldn’t be able to write and say she would have sent them if I complained. I did complain! And Etsy Trust and Safety basically says, they protect both buyer and seller. But privacy prevents discussing specifics. And shop owners set their own policies.

I agree, Product not delivered has a pretty clear process to follow. But this was delivered. It was what was sold. But the quality was bad and she knew it.  She was addressing it, over time, but was delivering the poor quality till she got around to new scans.

Yes. This bugs me. Mostly because there are 3 skeins of yarn and 3 more patterns I wanted to buy. Patterns not available else where. Or that I can find.
margomadeit. Adorable boots. I waited to buy your  cowboy boots and needed the combat/hunting/work boots for an upcoming baby so was going to buy both. Maybe someone can tell me your product is legit.

Another is a scanned pattern of Lambchop. I admit, I am not sure that is legal. But I have really wanted a decent puppet pattern, and that seemed the logical choice.

And all the awesome yarn seller’s, I have to weigh the pros and cons of still buying real products through etsy. One thing’s for sure, I will either leave a 4-5 star rating or won’t answer in the future. Makes the ratings worthless in my mind, but the seller sets the rules. 😦

Off to deal with more pressing issues, then knit.  Hope you have better luck.


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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