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Not a pattern mentioned in this post.

Not a pattern mentioned in this post.

I think ratings are very subjective. Digital patterns and Pattern websites we know and love/hate are no different. What I give a 3, you give a 5. So, should I be nice and give a 5 so I don’t hurt their average? I think not.

Everyone knows I left Ravelry. As a refresher, people gang up and knit pick posts. The moderators make a decision. If anyone contacts you in a pm, (or you initiate a discussion, even with Casey) you can’t discuss it. So, if you are told, ‘that wasn’t right. You didn’t do anything wrong.’ Your only choice is to ‘try contacting that moderator and see if they will reverse their decision.’ (um, sure. Someone I had on ignore until they became moderator? Doubtful)

But more to the point was an very early pm. I asked what if a sale goes wrong. Well, since that’s in a pm, you can’t discuss it and Ravelry will stay out of it. Leaving it between two strangers online to settle. (And I know people who have paid for a yarn listed as one color and gotten something totally different. And I bought a pattern that promised support and after about 4 pms promising help, I gave up.)

There were about 3 other reasons I left Ravelry, but you get the idea. My reasons for rating it as about a 2 star site may not apply to you.

I buy a lot of patterns at Craftsy. I am not aware they have ratings of patterns. As a site I would give it about a 4. It is far from perfect but customer service is extremely friendly and helpful. And since there is no message board to discuss private conversations, I can discuss them without risk of being banned.

Next is Etsy. Everyone knows Etsy. Pretty straight forward. If you wade around long enough to actually find something you like, kudos to you. I would probably rate them about a 5. I mean, what they offer is pretty straight forward. I have never needed to contact customer support, so I have no reason to rate them lower.

Some of the sellers, or products, that can vary. And of course they too have a rating system. As you might guess, I don’t believe in rating everything a blanket 5 star rating. Sure, I expect fast delivery. A digital download should arrive within 24 hours. But that isn’t enough for 5 stars in my book.

Recently I bought 4 patterns from a seller. ‘They were available quickly. 2 were blurry’. Close to what I said in my review. I finished stating the. ‘seller planned to correct that’. (But apparently not send them out to people who got the blurry copy.)

2 had to be repaired to be opened. The instructions on the two I made were hard to follow. I gave gave up and only followed the decorative part. The other I muddled through gleaning about 1/2 the hat, the rest relying on general knitting knowledge to finish. There was no yardage listed. And they looked like a basic word document. I’m all for saving ink, but they look really boring in the thumbnails in GoodReader. I don’t plan to bother with the other two I purchased.

A bit after rating the purchase a 3 star, I got a snippy response from the seller that if I had requested clearer patterns I could have had them instead of giving her a 3 star rating. (We had discussed the files that needed to be repaired, bluriness, and polished appearance in an e-mail after I downloaded them.).

I thought my 3 stars was actually on the generous side. If a higher rating was important to the seller, why not send the clearer scan when I first mentioned being disappointed?

So there it is. Ratings. I guess they are what we put in them. Should everyone get a 5 star just to be nice?

I’m off to knit with 5 star yarn.


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