New Year New Search

I know of 3 baby gifts for this year already. So I am on a quest for patterns. I had in mind stuffed toys. I have always admired the Twins patterns. The following is a picture from their banner, which I can’t figure out how to link to on my iPad.

20140108-083016.jpgI like the amount of whimsy. I really like the bunny on the left in the red dress, but that pattern isn’t available.

I may make another Mango the Giraffe. Or the new Mango Blanket Buddy.

I also have Candy Bear and Primrose from when I was on Ravelry. But, they state they are not designed for young children and I fear the DK weight will make the over all size smaller than I want, and the body parts too small for babies. (Hence the warning. Had I been thinking, or able to see that warning, I would not have purchased them.)

I would rather make something that will be used than something I think will be liked. I have gotten lots of feedback from the shower and through Mango’s life with a now mobile little one. that leads me to Mango’s characteristics.

So, one of my main questions to people who know, do moms or babies like the new buddies? I am thinking of using Spud and Chloe sweater (my choice formMango) or a 100% worsted cotton. But, I prefer the Spud and Chloe than knitting with 100% cotton. My other question, do you have other toy suggestions? A larger, floppy, drag around toy that is still realistic enough to sit propped up and not scare a baby. ;).

I appreciate the e-mail responses too, since few reply here. Yarn suggestions appreciated too. 😉

Most of all, I hope you have a blessed New Year.


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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