Pressing On

Sadly I officially lost my DyakCraft crochet hook. Probably in a pizza parking lot in Washington Indiana. I lost it before heading out on a Thanksgiving Day 15 hour road trip to see our daughter. A trip where I had hoped to finish her Crocheted Christmas tree skirt.

I had a little knitting so I worked on it, unfortunately making a mistake early on before the sun was really up. So Thanksgiving night I was ripping out hours of work. That project is now in time out deciding if it wants to proceed or be something different.

So back home if I had any hope of finishing my Granny Square blanket on schedule I had to move to hook choice number two. I find the hook different but not so dissimilar to mater. I wish it had a smooth slicker glide. I swear it is getting grabbier not smother. Still it has long been one of my second tier hooks so off I went.

Unfortunately, computer support for the not yet up and milking robots has taken more time than expected. So even with the best intentions, the blanket will not be finished on time. 😦

So I will press on. ChiaGoo hook for the blanket and as computer support and anything I can to help get the robots up and milking. That has been a long haul indeed. Which will be done first? It may be a photo finish. If I remember I will post progress on either.

Till then with a few days till Christmas, I wish you a magical Christmas and amazing New Year!


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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