When is Enough, Enough

It’s that time of year when my fiber time is divided between relaxing and utilizing spare time here on the farm.

Even though it is Sunday today finds the working end of the farm rushing to get in as much corn and hay as possible ahead of tomorrow’s predicted snow and sleet.

My role as support today (and much of the growing season) is getting people what they need, or moving them between fields as they move wagons and tractors between fields.

I have two projects in the back seat but I also grabbed my granny blanket. I have added two more colors, and am considering two more. One the blue (skydiver) that I stopped at home to grab from the left overs from my Seeing Stars, and one a newer red I don’t yet own.

Grabbing the project was quick due to my new yarn tote, a repurposed wine bottle tote courtesy of an area CVS. Not sure the woman believed me as I explained I wanted it empty, for yarn instead of full of wine for the stated 10% discount, but I have it none the less. 🙂

So far I am happy with the single crochet join. When adding the 4th granny of a set of 4, I do 1 sc in each granny it will connect with. Mi like the balance this is creating. I think it will be secure but match the drape and airiness of the granny squares. I will let you know if I continue to be happy with joining these this way.

So if the picture is decent, or if you are familiar with Spud and Chloe, what’s your vote? I see everyone else’s awesome color choices and always muddle mine up.

Oh and before I go, I did hear back from DyakCraft, she said soon on the Northern Lights. So, I didn’t miss them. If you are hoping to get some we will watch for an announcement together.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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