Changing times

I said we are in the middle of big changes here on the farm. :).

This is a view of two of four robots. They are in place but there is a ton of work left to he done. The robots arrived from Sweden early and the builders have been delayed. We are hoping to still be milking by early December but fear it will be after the first of the year. One thing is for sure it isn’t because DeLaval took too long. We were the first signed contract in the state, in May and they got the units here promptly. So we will wait for progress to happen and I will show something more later.

In addition to taking tons of pictures and data entry/Computer support, I am thinking of a stained glass mosaic design for in the cement outside the barn. But first, I have to find out if it is workable with equipment and such before starting it.

In my spare time I still knit and crochet. And at night I search for patterns and tools online. šŸ™‚

On a recent search about artist needles, I’ve seen some newer unfavorable posts on various needle companies including DyakCraft and their communication or customer service. I wouldn’t say I am unhappy waiting for my remaining needle order, but I am still waiting. And wanting to place a new order. (Has anyone seen anything about the return of the Northern Lights? I really want the purple needles that were in an e-mail about two months ago saying they would be available soon.)

I love their needles. I am comfortable ordering and waiting. But I am no longer super comfortable reassuring others.

I’m beginning to wonder about their website not changing, emails updates and replies either not being sent (or possibly lost in my ISP change), and the website’s suggestion to check Ravelry for updates.

Maybe it’s because I left Ravelry. Maybe it’s because when I did leave Ravelry I got messages saying the mods that targeted me may have had a preference for Knit Picks. (I knew I had previously had her on ignore, and assumed it could be rocky road once she became moderator. But I didn’t think or issues went to who liked which brand of needle. That to me is crazy, but I suppose not impossible.)

So I have questions for you. Have you seen any updates on Ravelry, or your inbox? You finally getting your DyakCraft orders? Hear any updates about Northern Lights being available again? Have any other feedback non-Ravelry people might want to read? As long as the replies are polite and don’t come off as an attack, I will approve them for all to read. Or if you prefer e-mail your opinions. I’m curious if things are going smoother.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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