Artist made tools

Disclaimer, the image is not my image. I tried to link it, back to their site for reference and am having issues on my iPad. So, here is the link to Celtic Swan.

I am on a quest for some new needles. Not being on Ravelry I haven’t heard any recent updates from DyakCraft. I have one outstanding dpn order. I had wanted some purple northern lights needles. At the same time my ISP has been making changes. I sent two e-mails and haven’t heard back. But I sent about 6 others and people didn’t get them. So, not blaming anyone, but I went looking for other American Artist made needles or hooks. And I found these beauties. And they offer crochet hooks. And amazing straight needles with jewels on the ends.

I could order brass ones but would use US 2 (probably) the most. I just can’t justify sterling ones without knowing anything more about them. Maybe for Christmas if I was a very good girl. But there are big changes happening here on the farm and really extravagant needles best wait till the barn project is done and the cows are extra happy with the new routine. Happy cows make for a happy household. 😉

But still I admit to really at least wanting a cable needle. Not that I cable a lot but when I do, it would be so beautiful to see holding the stitches. I wonder which needs to be polished less, the bronze or the sterling. That might impact my choice. My mother used to work with gold and silver, I will quiz her, or Google.

Another dream continues to be needles made from wood harvested from trees here on the farm. I have or could get maple, hickory, cherry, and oak. But finding someone willing to try dpn of any size hasn’t happened. So that continues as another dream.

I also found a link to Montana Mike’s as well.

Anyone have any experience with these or other American Artist needles? Preferably dpn available in a 5″ length? Or crochet hooks?

Maybe it’s time to try some more Google searches. Never know what I will find. 🙂

What ever you use for your fiber I hope it brings you joy.


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