Look a (Bottle) Wrench

I like unique things, made by real people. I found this several months ago and love mine. I have to say, I have no clue who this real person is, but I like their style. the Bottle Wrench.

Take an item and give it a second use. I really like that it has a great loop on the end for hanging. I should say two. (Mine hangs from my Longaberger wrought iron rack.) šŸ˜‰ One in the wrench and one in a choice of many colors. Being a die hard Boiler, I went with Black and Gold but there are lots of choices. (Or were when I ordered.). And if you don’t find it useful it could be cut off.

I can honestly say I have not misplaced my bottle opener since I got mine. Even if someone puts it in my kitchen drawer. It doesn’t get lost the way my old ‘church key’ flat opener did.

I fully expect a couple I bought will end up in a garage, beach gear, tailgating or camping gear. My point being if they have an odd job you need to tighten, they might get lucky and have a workable size tool. And it is heavy enough to hold papers in place in a breeze.

I also liked that they offer a keychain size and a larger size. Plus, at least when I ordered they had a groomsmen gift package, and what I found to be thoughtful individual packaging.

I found the price very reasonable. i can not imagine the mess made in making them. I’ll stick to my fiber and a bevvie and leave the details to the folks at Bottle Wrench. So if you are looking for a random value added gift, I suggest the Bottle Wrench.

I will be back with equally random things between my fiber posts.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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