Afghan, socks and hats oh my!





20130405-102826.jpgI’m working on the Groovyghan gone bad.   Currently a 7 color granny blanket with 5 row squares.  My skills weren’t good enough to do one of the motifs in the actually Groovyghan.  At least not without practice or a lot of ripping out.  Life is stressing enough with our business expansion I don’t want to add stress to my fiber.

I made the round circle motif, but just didn’t like it.  So with those ruled out, I’m making squares.    In a while I’ll decide if I’m doing the various rows between the motifs from the original Groovyghan, or if I’m going full out retro granny.

I will post more later when there is more to show than two ziploc bags of grannies.  😉

With that said,  I have been using a different hook than with the afghan above.  (My Seeing Stars Afghan from Spud and Chloe which appears to be well used.  I think my project tips are still at Ravelry, and of course a few here.)  😉  I am regularly having to correct inconsistent stitches.  I don’t recall grannies being fiddly.  So if they aren’t it must be the hook.  The blanket above was the first I’d crocheted a big project in decades.  It was so consistent and nice.

But my beloved DyakCraft hook was a little too big for the gauge for the original Groovyghan.  I could have switched once I changed directions, but I had about a dozen squares finished.  I’ll be interested to make another project soon to see if the hook is the difference.

I was online looking at the DyakCraft hook auctions and got down a darned rabbit hole looking for really unique preschool hat patterns and found myself at Signature Needle Arts.  Have they always offered 4″ dpn?  That’s my preferred length and I would have ordered them, so I wondered how I missed them.  Not that I’d order more since I hate their groove/ridge/texture whatever they do to their dpn. Personally,  I can not stand the slight noise or the feel of the yarn moving over it.   Plus of course the fact that they are color coded by size and I don’t like having to change the weight of yarn to match the color needles I like.  But for that price, I didn’t want to own a color I don’t like.  Still I wondered if I missed them before or if they are a newer offering.

I’m off to crochet today.  When I start joining, as promised, I’ll start sharing. 🙂  Till then if you have motifs to suggest to add to with my traditional grannies, or hat pattern suggestions (no Ravelry, I won’t go there) let me know.  I’d love your suggestions.

Hope you’re having fiber fun today.



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