Colors in harmony or not?

I am on to a new project. The shawl from the other day is in limbo. Not because I am bored, truth be told I can’t find it. For now, I am focusing on other things. Soon I will fixate on the lost needles. Tools are nearly always what causes me to find the lost and get them back on my radar. But I looked all weekend. I worked a lot on my husband’s boot socks and am decreasing the gusset on the second sock. So progress is being made.

I have Christmas hat knitting to do. I had planned 6 hats for a kick off the season/retro sweater party. But I also started thinking of possibly gifting a blanket. If there is the slightest chance I will have it finished I need to spend quality time with it now! Plus, it is a great break from the greens in the boot socks.

But my biggest problem is color. I can never decide when I have made good choices and talk myself out of starting. Or second guess and quit part way through. I think it is because my mother used to say crocheter’s had no taste in color. I believe she meant we rarely had her taste. I get that. She would prefer a tasteful cream, or a decorator palette to subtly compliment a room. Not me. As I’ve said before, I love color. To me they are like flowers in a garden and I am a bee flitting between them.

So, I dug out my very large bag do Spud and Chloe Sweater. I don’t have them all so I headed to a store and vetoed the green, orange, grays, brown, cream, and blues. This is the Groovyghan or I may make a Babette inspired Granny, or just plain Retro Granny afghan.

So my questions are, which style and do these colors work? I don’t have one I want to keep one home from the party.


The colors are a little off. It is on the back of my old iPad. The color that looks the least true on my monitor is the grape row. It looks nearly black. I wish they had a better purple. And a truer bright pink. But this is what I did. More to come if I remember to post. 😉

Post or e-mail if you want. But what ever your vote I hope you have color in your life today.


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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2 Responses to Colors in harmony or not?

  1. lumar1298 says:

    Very pretty and all the colors seems to work well together…

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