I Strayed

I can’t be alone. I somehow subscribed to an e-mail list. Admit it, we all do. I was intrigued by some unfamiliar brands. I strayed.

I ordered with mixed reviews. I ordered

Happy Times yarn from The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze at the Loopy Ewe
The yearn arrived in a reasonable amount of time. They offer a buyer’s club, but either I wasn’t properly logged in or this yarn didn’t qualify. I was a little disappointed not to get my ‘points’ but glad I had reduced my order from four colorways to one.

In my excitement over the color, I missed it was not superwash. My mistake completely. But that meant finding an item I didn’t mind handwashing. For me that means a scarf. But I prefer work end to end. I decided to try Pimpelliese. It isn’t my first try with this pattern. I finally figured out the issues. It is a bit inconsistent (to me) in how it is written. But I believe I have it decoded. 🙂

Speaking of color, it is not in the least how it looks on my monitor.  I showed a friend who does things with color professionally.  We all know monitors vary.  This is probably the case, but there is no lighting I have found where the yarn I have is near as vibrant as what is in the picture.   That is the primary reason why I don’t stray from buying in person.

I will be back with an update.

Hope your fiber is happy today.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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