They’re here


One of my orders is here. Technically I win. My husband is claiming the win because I still have some needles on order. Lol!

It is funny because until we went to breakfast he had no idea I was waiting to see who won the race, his order Tomorrow or mine due today or tomorrow. He checked the mail and said, ‘looks like you won’.

But when I admitted there were more to come he seemed happy to not be the one waiting the longest.

As I open the box, they look amazing as ever. Possibly better. I love the bold grain of the wood. I thought I had Hazelnut before, but I think it was golden Oak. The dpn roll is a beautiful plus.

That brings me to my current someday list I dream to order from them:

Crochet hooks ~ 3 inline crochet hooks, a hummingbird and peacock crochet hook to see if they provide even less hand fatigue. My arthritis kicks in a little more with crochet than knitting. But also they are just beautiful.

Needle rolls ~ to organize what I bought over the many years.

Slant dpn set ~ I love the beauty, but can’t justify the added cost. Maybe one set sometime in the future for a special color or something.

Interchangeables~ new cables for my existing interchangeables, extended sizes if they develop them and possibly one more full set. I can dream right? Becoming organized and finishing projects might be a better bet, but you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks. Lol!

Random ~. I forgot Northern Lights, straights and fixed circulars. I want to try Northern lights probably in 5&7 for baby items, fixed circs in a common size either for a scarf or baby item and straights because I like about a 7″ straight needle and they are hard to find. This is why I watch their site and always have things I would like to own.

I am off to knit a sock. I think I will finally cast on a boot sock for him. Then we are both winners.

Hope you have a great fiber day.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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