Orders on their way

I haven’t been posting for a while.  Life is fairly busy.  Our son got married, our business is making big changes, but I do knit or crochet when ever possible.

I still support yarn stores as much as possible but when I don’t find a pattern at a store I am really enjoying the evolution of Craftsy.   I’m not so fond of their apps, but use the site regularly.

I assume the designers selling there are at the other sites, but that’s the only place I check online.  I love some of the crochet designers.  Really amazing creative stuff.

So the reason I’m posting.  I got my e-mail that a package is on it’s way from DyakCraft!  I have several dpn orders with them.  I should stop to check how long it took, but I’ll just go by my memory, post and the let the happy dance commence.  😉

There’s more to my story that has me laughing.  Last year in January my husband ordered (prepaid) and expensive custom item.    Soon after and then over several months (to a year, I don’t remember), I placed multiple dpn orders.  (Also prepaid, because I trust DyakCraft and it works for me.)   Long story short, I have been really curious which would arrive first.

The race is officially coming to an end.   Both items shipped within 24 hours of each other!  LOL!  This may not bring others as much joy as it does me, but I just had to post in case the irony brings someone else joy.

Hopefully if you’ve ordered needles from DyakCraft yours will be on the way soon too.   If you’ve bought some and love them, let me know.

I really want to jump in on there crochet hook auctions.  I’m excited because if I won there wouldn’t be a wait, and to my knowledge they aren’t taking orders.

But, I’m not into eBay or auctions.  So, I’ll be waiting till they are back on their site.  I continue to dream.  If you want to bid check to see if they have a current auction on eBay.

Hope you’re having fiber fun today.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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