Tie Dye Mother’s Day


People who know me in real life know my kids don’t live near me. They have good jobs and adult lives. I am happy for them.

They haven’t been home for Mother’s Day since graduating from college. Most years I get a flowers or a plant and I look forward to the wording of the card. I can tell which child ordered them. For example one year it said ‘thanks for putting up with Spanky.’ Obviously Spanky’s brother ordered that year. 😉

This year I received awesome tennis shoes. Light weight, comfortable, Raspberry and gray, and I can put in an iFit pedometer. Really awesome. The mail contained a super funny card.

The next day FTD delivered flowers. My husband said, ‘I know what these are. Daughter will be disappointed if you don’t love them.’ I cherish about anything from my kids, I mean, I saved the florist’s card with the message about Spanky. Surely I will love the contents of this box.

I opened it and found tie dye roses! They are awesome. After we get some major business things here on the farm, in our rear view mirror, I totally want to find an indie dyer to make me some sock yarn to match my flowers from Spanky. 🙂

Hope you have awesome color in your day!


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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2 Responses to Tie Dye Mother’s Day

  1. wow they are amazing i’ve never seen anything llike them over herexx enjoyxx

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