Twists and Turns


I was busy knitting baby socks for little ones due this summer. I started crocheting Hippie Slippers, at least until I needed a smaller hook. Not sure if I owned one, but I couldn’t locate it. About then, I learned of Summer babies and went looking for sandal patterns (knit) and a headband (crocheted). I worked on the headband, to the point I know I can in fact handle the flowers and had a start on the band. It was mostly to see how crocheting with the Fixation was going to go. I am happy to report I enjoyed it very much. No issues at all and I thought it looked as expected.

For some reason, having tried that project, I decided to finish another pair of baby socks while my iPad charged. Then the plan was to start the sandals. As a side note we have big things happening this spring on the farm and that took precedence for a while. Then, I learned of twin preemie grandbabies born and a friend of the grandmother expressed possible interest in 2 sweaters. So I switched to a Fixation sweater, planning to get some acrylic the next day. (Not yet knowing hospital rules.)

Fast forward to the next day and I am in line at Michaels to grab a skein of acrylic. I spot a Knit Simple magazine (above) and decided to buy it. I am super excited with a Vicki Howell bolero mostly crocheted with knit ribbing at the sleeve. I love combo pieces, but more this may be the solution to my ongoing sock weight circle sweater, circle that I have decided isn’t going in that pattern. (lost? I think some of that story has been posted.). I like the scarf/shawl on the front and a cool crochet tote. I was glad I picked it up.

Then, I had considered an issue of CrochetToday. I leafed through and decided the main thing of interest was an ad for wiggle dishcloths. Instead I headed to my phone to see about downloading that booklet. I did a little more looking and decided I don’t want to do that. I have two other ideas to achieve what I thought it was. First. Someday, I will try to form the shapes, with chains and slip stitches, hoping to make what I thought I had seen. Basically super open motifs of sort. If that doesn’t work, I thought I could knit the background and crochet the design on the background. If I decide to try that route it will be in part to try an acrylic cotton option.

So today and tomorrow finds me rushing to meetings, planning some remodeling, being thankful for blessings, and wondering how I have more things in progress in the past 3 days than I fit in a reasonable schedule. But if I leave the Wiggle crochet till next winter, and focus on the babies, a couple extra hours at night should help. Right?

Hope you have things to excite you today.


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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