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I have thought Fixation could be the best yarn foe baby hats and footwear for a long time. Any of the fiber with elastic yarns, but Fixation remains my go to. I have only used one other and it quickly became unavailable.

I don’t know if anything is new because I left Ravelry and I rarely go to any other forums. Maybe I should Google on occasion because the Fixation is getting hard for me to find, and I am finding more and more knots. (Up to 4 in the worst ball so far, and I don’t like hiding the ends in a baby item unless it is by design.). Still it is my go to yarn because I am told by moms the items stay on.

I have decided to list two of my favorite designer’s. I have had the pattern for Lynn H’s Fast Florida Footies for a long time. It is a great pattern as it goes from newborn to my size 10 foot. With different numbers, not just saying to change needle size. It is also worth buying because she does a heel I had not seen before which I have now modified and use a lot. Some day I will write down my baby sock pattern. The numbers are the same, but I now realize almost every baby sock for that gauge starts with a 24 stitch cast on, and the numbers from there depend on heel style, etc. not just North Country’s designer’s math or Lynn’s. (yes, call me slow)

Now I have found KnittinKittywho designs with Fixation in mind. Get this for both knit and crochet. :). I have an older pattern and feel it produces too small of a finished item. I intend to tinker with the numbers to see if I can get something wearable. Until then, I have bought two crocheted headband patterns and a knit sandal pattern. She is on Craftsy and Etsy, also I think Knitting Paradise’s forum. I plan to cast on sandals, and crochet a headband yet this week.

The crocheting with Fixation will be a first for me. If you have tips, i would love to hear them. till then, wish me luck. 😉

If you have other favorites I’d love to hear them.

Hope your week is filled with joy.


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