16 and Counting

16 hats on day 19. (if you want to know how I count days, I will respond but this is about preemies, not how I arrive at 40 days.)

Yes. I am behind. I have dishes to do and laundry to fold then hat 16 will be finished. I plan to finish 17 today too. Dinner is in the oven so maybe I will make progress on hat 18.

I know I will hit 40 in 40. But truth be told I usually knit the mini and micro sizes. The only request I have gotten is for smaller sizes. But that was last year for a newly opened NICU.

So while I still plan to knit a dozen or two of them, I am focusing first on larger preemies. Partly because I may be sending these to a different hospital. And I assume all sizes are needed.

Speaking of needed, just once I would like to know if a hospital wanted the bags I send. I would send more. I know staff is busy. But I also know from friends how much that hat means to parents.

I always include my e-mail and a note on the bag saying: for more or different hats: nancyknitsoften@gmail.

I am not looking for a tax slip, affirmation of a job well done, or anything they don’t have time for. On the contrary, I am trying to keep them from having an endless supply if something they don’t have room to store.

So if I don’t hear a thing I presume they have plenty of hats. Maybe that’s wrong of me, but it seems logical to me.

I am off to knit. 😉


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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