Customer Service

I have been having issues with a magazine subscription. First I subscribed to two sister magazines online. One for $15 one. For $10. I got the first issue of both. The Taste of …. Magazine said something about methane you for your subscription. (As did the welcome e-mail.). Then the Simple magazine arrived with a bill.

So I went back online and contacted customer service. I kept all my correspondence to e-mail. They said I had a two year subscription to the Simple magazine at a paid rate of $24.95. and an unpaid subscription to the Taste magazine. But they kept sending me a bill.

for the simple magazine. I have since cancelled both subscriptions and. Will never subscribe with them again.

What really got me was the last e-mail said they had ‘addressed all my issues’. (Because they agreed to cancel both subscriptions.). I tried to point out, they had not. What is so hard to understand? It feels misleading to include a bill with a new paid subscription.

So I called the customer service number. It said it was Reader’s Digest. But in the end they had the customer records for the other publication. I was so upset. The first person clearly was at a call center and could only find the exact phrase to respond to specific words.

She responded to the word subscription telling me mine had been cancelled. I said I was trying to get an answer on the bill for a paid subscription. Apparently that triggers a response that it was a promotional offer for the magazine.

I requested a supervisor. I was told I didn’t understand it was a promotional offer. I said, no, and I would like a supervisor. I got someone else who pretty much looked at her cards and told me the same answers word for word. I asked for a manager. She said there were none.

I said I couldn’t believe there wasn’t someone to report this to. She said they would forward it to the main office. I said, so there is another level. She didn’t have anything to say.

Clearly there was no interest in actual customer service. No wonder all they addressed in my e-mail was cancelling my subscription.

This from a publisher who was known for magazines with no ads, etc. They do local cooking schools, have local editors, tried to have a grass roots feel sort of a Home cooking standard. Simple recipes with readily available ingredients. Sure felt to me like something changed. The all mighty dollar being the key and actually addressing the issue was not important.

People may thing I focus too much on local yarn stores and artist made products. But end of the day I believe in supporting people who care about their customers. They can’t stay in business without me, I can’t have the same selection without them.

In case I haven’t made it clear I want to publicly say thank you businesses (big and small) who provide a bit of customer service.

My head is spinning. Off to knit. 😉


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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