40 hats in 40 days time again


Here we go again!  Anyone joining me or others with Preemie Knitting?  If you don’t have a place to donate I can suggest sites or you can send yours to me and I’ll send them with this shipment.  I usually ship to one of two hospitals in Indiana.

Every year I spend spring increasing my emphasis on getting hats done.  I plan to have at least 40 hats or two gallon ziploc bags done by Easter.  Today is kick off day with a pink large preemie size hat.

I knit most of my hats in Fixation and will be taking some pictures and taking notes on stitches to post later.  Because I’ve got several sock patterns with Fixation or other fiber/elastic yarn.  But I’ve not seen one for preemie hats.  It may not be pretty but  I can provide a starting point for those looking for a place to start.

A lot of people find my blog looking for working with Fixation yarn.   If I had better skills I’d do a video, but I don’t.  So I’ll just make hats and socks instead. 🙂  Most important is don’t stretch it out.  You want the yarn to look a bit like it does coming out of the ball.  Not stretched and smooth like traditional yarn.   If you stretch it too much on the needles the item won’t stretch when it is completed and the beauty of this yarn will be mostly lost.

If you are having issues making this yarn work because you are pulling it tight, remember you want it to look mostly like it comes out of the ball.  Think about it, regular yarn looks mostly like it does in the ball, so does Fixation.

Now is where it gets weird.  I’m not super fond of the almost finished work with Fixation.  My merino or other wool socks, gloves, etc look nice uniform stitches, etc.  The Fixation sock looks like an athletic sock.  But once it is done, give it a pull one way, then the other.  If you’ve left most of the stretch in the yarn, you’ll see how much room there is in the item.  This is why I love it for preemie or baby hats and socks.  They have room to grow a bit and   I have been told, they actually stay on.  Not only will you see how much the item could stretch, the fabric you created will smooth out a lot.  The I realize I’ve finished something that I’d wear when I don’t want wool.

I will also be breaking out the acrylic.  Our NICUs request washable and dryable yarn.  I often turn to Glenna Anderson for inspiration and this hat makes tops my list of new patterns.   While I was on Ravelry I often linked to Eenie Meenie Minie Moe as a starting place for hats.  If you are new to preemie hat knitting it might be a place to start.

I knit for preemies and hopefully this hat after baby grows goes into a box or book.  If I were going to knit only as comfort item I would use different yarn.   I know people who would have needed uplifting after many days of stress with baby in NICU and those who only remember their little fighter born far too soon.  So while the size of the donation may be the same, and equally important, the fibers need to match the way they will be used.

For this reason I donate directly.  Some groups actively stay in touch with specific hospitals.  In our area most lists suggest the March of Dimes as a collection site.  I am sure that is a worthy group.  But I was told they bypass the hospital staff by gifting the items to the families directly.  For me personally, since the babies are so very fragile, I’d rather go through the hospital.

So with that in mind I’d like you to consider some preemie knitting.  It doesn’t take long and has a big impact.  I’ll be back with progress.

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