Going in Circles


Today it’s Technology.  I love my mobile devices.  I have my patterns on both my iPads, my iPods access my patterns via my g-mail when I’m in wifi and of course my iPhone.

I wish for a Craftsy app that did more than access classes.  For example I did a a knit along.    The app doesn’t access that.  Or the patterns I’ve bought.  But, that’s ok.  A more functional app is just a wish.  I’m fine without it.

My issue is specific to my iPad.  I had my pictures on it.  (2,000 or so)  The same pictures are on my phone, other iPad, and the two iPods.  Well, my phone is a small one so I was almost out of space.  I decided to better organize my pictures.  Apparently the only way was to delete them from my Windows laptop, sync the device to remove them from the device, then put them back.  All is well with my phone and my iPods.

But my iPad.  I got the pictures back on it.  Into the Picture Library.  But the albums don’t show.  When I try to edit the Library and add the pictures to an existing album, all the albums show, but dimmed.  I can’t click on them or anything.

I have been going through and recreating the albums, but seems like I am probably missing a step.

Anyone have any suggestions?  I’ve searched online but can’t find out if I can access the dimmed albums that went on when I added the pictures.  Maybe I just need to do it manually.  Till then I think I will knit.

I have finished about 6 baby socks so I have a bunch of dpn calling to have socks and preemie hats put on them.  And yes, I could just carefully store them.  But then my DyakCraft dpn orders would look unnecessary. 😉

Speaking of orders.  They sent out a progress update.  Looks like they are getting to a point where the circular and dpn people will be hearing about their orders.  Whoo hoo!  I’ll be excited to hear.

If you have suggestions for my iPad please let me know.  If not I’ll be knitting.  Hope you will too.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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