Rising Costs


Every place you look things either cost more, are in a smaller package, cheapened in quality or all of the above. Personally I prefer quality remain the same. I am disappointed when finding more knots and flaws in yarn. Nor would I want them to start selling smaller skeins. I’d like the same quality and will decide if I can afford the price.

As I am working with Fixation I am getting frustrated. Last ball had a knot and 2 flaws. This ball has had two knots so far. I know, ‘ knots happen, blah blah blah…..’. I hope this is a temporary issue they are having. It is one of my go to baby yarns. And taking the knot out throws off the repeat and a pair of baby socks or mittens. As I knit through my supply I will hope for the best.

Speaking of the best, I have decided DyakCraft’s ‘price increase’ really is no big deal. (Old news, but I blogged about it before and I realized how silly it was.). First everything is going up. My next go to needle is now nearly $30 a set. Making $18-20 for theirs quite reasonable. (Apples to apples. Other lengths and such are more.).

Plus I buy in sets. (0-3, 4-9). Saving a bit per size. And now, if I read it right, sets come with a storage roll. I need more needles and this is just what I need to place my order. I know the quality I will get, the price is competitive, and I may get something ‘extra’.

If you knit with Fixation I would love to know what you are finding. And what you are making. I love this yarn.

Now I am off to order still more needles. My quest to finish more and start less is futile. As is not loosing my working needle.

Hope your week has fiber in it.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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