Whoops! I did it again

Sadly this is a fairly common issue. Happily we were not driving this time. I walked a couple blocks to a coffee shop and came back thinking, Whoops!

If I can’t keep my yarn where it should be, imagine my needles. While I continue to wait on my current DyakCraft order, I am putting money back for the order I am compiling in my mind. I probably want more crochet hooks than I can afford. (Partly because I really want to try a Hummingbird and Peacock for hand fatigue and they are just so danged pretty.)

I learned to crochet decades ago and never worried about what hook I used. Nor did I realize different companies produced different shaped hooks. I was at the age of going to Ben Franklin on my bike, with my allowance or birthday money, I would buy the brand that came in a color I wanted and some yarn. I would make a blanket for a doll, a beanie, or other relatively small projects.

But in my more grown up world, I was doing a Seeing Stars blanket for daughter. Having progressed to Spud and Chloe yarn in that quantity, was an expense for me. I wanted to have the best results I could. I ordered my inline and found my results to be more consistent than prior motifs. Maybe it was more care on my part, some mental check because it was for daughter, or the shape of the hook. I found myself crocheting longer than ever before. Either way, I will buy more for sure.

Back to needles, I want to try a set of Stage Three, probably in a size two. (I think they offer them in a 2. If not then a 3. I just want to try them and fill out my interchangeable sets.).

It is old news that I buy more dpn because I start too much. And, well, truth be told I am not organized and I loose (or misplace them) them. When i am pressed i go searching. I have found them on my car floor mat, between the seats, in bags, in the bathroom, under the bed, coat pockets, well you get the point.

Now I have a problem. I lost one interchangeable tip. So, should I replace the pair with another wood tip or a metal? I had thought about trying their metal tips. But if you have read much you know I like color and I don’t like the metal colors. I could try the heavy metal.

So here I am wondering if you have any or have a suggestion? Email me if you don’t want to post. 🙂

Thanks and hope your weekend includes fun.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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