Happy New Year!

This Christmas there were few packages but the gifts were plentiful and came in many forms including plenty of laughter and love.

I had a productive December with preemie sweaters and hats, baby socks and hats, gift scarves, four hats (all donated or gifted in time) and two slippers. The other two slippers, mended socks, new socks, and a second light up Christmas tree hat to be delivered ASAP. I said productive, not timely. 😉

While at a favorite vacation yarn store in Tawas Michigan, there was another NW Indiana knitter, who frequents Knitting Today (near me) and Knitting Off Broadway (near her) which are two of my very favorite stores. Small world.

Now, have 6 hours in the back seat to wrapped in daughter’s Seeing Stars blanket, because some of out luggage and my knitting bags appear to be blocking the heat flow. (Did i mention the favorite vacation yarn store?). I just put a glove that has issues on my Signature dpn thinking they will be great stitch holders and reminding myself, I will need to be careful as we unpack. Packing the back of the truck, husband put on my canvas pink Nantucket bucket bag and commented his had was gouged by a (DyakCraft) needle poking thru. (Whoops). I said I would be more careful. But, now the glove will ride in a ziplock home to Indiana and I sure don’t want a repeat in just a few hours.

I am going to cast on a sock in Sweet Georgia’s Kill Bill. I was going to finish things before starting more but December proves that just won’t happen.

So for 2013 I am not making a grand resolution to only have a manageable number of projects, or to be more organized. I am going to find joy every day for myself, family and strangers. (OK so that will include knitting and crochet but that brings me joy.). :). To help others more, volunteer more, smile more. I forget there is always more I can do. Some how down the road, things will get brighter. So here’s to 2013 and finding joy. 🙂



About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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