Happy Holidays


We have celebrated Thanksgiving and looking forward to a very Merry Christmas! I have been knitting, baking, decorating, visiting, and for the most part enjoying life. I have had a lot of things I’ve thought of. Many knitting related. Some of what follows may sound like venting. It is just the way my mind works.

First, why do we feel compelled to say Happy Holidays? I celebrate Christmas. You may not. But does that mean if I happen to say Merry Christmas, that you can’t have a nice day on that day? I mean it’s not like you are being forced to believe something I believe. I ignore it when people sneer in public. Or ignore when people spout obscenities. Seems people should lighten up and recognize their rights should exceed my right to speak about something I celebrate.

So while I’m at it. I was searching for a slipper pattern. I found one. I bought it. It is virtually identical to another by a different company. It is noted on the pattern with a thanks to so and so for the fresh look at construction. I happen to own two copies of the first pattern. (Purchased in print.) The next one was a download. I sure wish that note of thanks was in the description. I would not have spent the money on an almost repeat. And it is making me very leery of 3 other slipper patterns.

It reinforced my issue with downloaded patterns. You just don’t know what you’re buying. Sadly with Ravelry becoming an integral part of fiber, I think we will have access to fewer and fewer print patterns. Which explains my 2 new binders of printed patterns, and virtually no new yarn.

My other issue is specific to Ravelry and it becoming the easy go do for designers and companies. More are using it (some along with Facebook) instead of a website. first, like Facebook, not everyone wants to go to a second party site for information. Usually that means joining, privacy policies, etc. Second, is they are a private entity. They can block someone’s access. Sure so can Craftsy or Etsy. But I haven’t seen that those sites have a policy in place for doing so. (Two I can think of are multiple accounts for one user or three strikes from the message boards.). And with them I can browse all I want before joining to make a purchase.

But when Ravelry is good it is probably very good. I spent more hours there than I can count. I was a Welcome Wagon volunteer, and submitted my name to be a moderator. I tried to be a helpful member with advice or answers if I knew them. I created a couple groups and was appointed moderator to a couple more. I prefer not actually think how much time I spent there. 😉

One type answer was about my favorite needle. I’m not saying anyone ordered from DyakCraft due to my posts. But, I do think I was part of the people singing their praises. Which brings me to, I just got the email update from DyakCraft. Apparently they are still behind in orders. (Yes, by the way I am one of them.) I’ve paid and I am not in the least bit worried. I will get my needles when the time comes. However, I am amazed they have made 2,000 sets this year and if it wasn’t for issues out of their control they think they would have been way more than that.

Since we own our own business I know how hard it is to deal with business issues. So I am happy for another small business, providing a living to some craftsmen, producing a great product. I am really excited for them. I still look forward to filling the larger sizes in my interchangeable sets. And some more crochet hooks. And as I’ve said before, I kind of long for the old days when I ordered and had my needles in a week. So while I miss the old days, till my order arrives I will happily use what I have.

In addition I will look at the big picture. I will continue to be happy I can use what I have. I have needles of various brands etc, I shouldn’t need to buy more any time soon. I have yarn to work with, some i bought, some gifted to me and possibly most precious is the Fixation that has been donated to my preemie knitting due to my yarn fairy. 😉

I continue to love knitting socks, gloves, baby things, preemie hats, and an occasional shawl or scarf. But crochet pops in my bag. I’m in the middle of that retro Christmas tree skirt in purple, pink and lime green. It may not be done for Christmas. I got side tracked on Thanksgiving and Christmas preemie/baby hats.

Now, Christmas is coming, I’m looking back a bit over the year. I’ve left Ravelry and not gone back. I’ve found such a new love of knitting. I’m getting so much more done. And still starting more than a person should. There’s a point to this. I’ve spent November doing, not posting.

I’m thinking in 2013 I may make the blog more about pictures of finished items. Or maybe not posting at all. (After all, I could use Flickr for that.) I can’t decide. I get lots of people buzzing by. So maybe drop me a line or post to let me know if I should keep posting.

Till then hope your holidays are bright what ever you celebrate. 🙂


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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