Pretty Little Things

Oh how I love color. In yarn and my tools. I so enjoy these purple lovelies by Signature Needle Arts ~ to look at.

I knit for enjoyment. There is not a thing I make that I could not technically pay someone else to make. I am different than most, I like my needles to coordinate or look pretty. So I tried my Signature dpn (again).

They still sound like sharpening a knife. Not the metal on smooth metal sound I expect to hear.

I wonder about their smooth needles. But I don’t need any straights (as much as I consider trying some 7″ ones) and I can’t see a reason to try their circs.

I lasted longer than the last time. They are so pretty. But back to my trusty (and pretty just not purple) DyakCrafts I go. And dream for them to offer purple metal 5″ dpn, or Signature to add smooth dpn to what they offer. 🙂

Hope there is something pretty in your day. 🙂

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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