Needing needles


Can you guess where this is going? I know the issues are all mine. I have bought needles and either lost a few or have them in some long forgotten project. If I were organized and diligent that wouldn’t be an issue. But I am not. So I find myself needing needles.

I thought I had a set of DyakCraft needles in US 8. I cast on last night thinking I would switch today in daylight. No such luck I have 9s. 😦

Ordering isn’t going to happen. Soybean yields are about half the norm and we will be lucky to have half the corn. Again, budget so my issue.

So I am pressing on with a combo of Brittany and something Rosewood from Hobby Lobby.

Why the combo? I prefer the Rosewood surface but don’t have 4. 😦

Why did I wish for DyakCraft in morning’s light? (I wish I had a prize and could make this a contest.)  Here are the choices:

1. Color
2. Finish
3. Points
4. Length

I will not add
5. Artist made
6. US made
Because in this case it is one feature. What drew me to them in the first place….. 4. Length!

I am fighting angry octopuses over here. 😦

Good news is it is causing frequent breaks. 3 loads of laundry and next year’s daffodils planted. And posting this.

But I am drawn to get more hats done. While I fight my 8″ needles I will be thinking about DyakCraft’s upcoming Act Three, other needles i long to try, babies with warm heads, upcoming holidays, and things that bring joy to our lives. 🙂

Next break maybe I will straighten up my knitting. Possibly I will find some
stray dpns. 🙂

Hope you find something unexpected today and joy!

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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