Simple socks


I love North Country Cotton Baby Socks. But I occasionally want to use sock weight yarn. I know there are 3 month patterns out there but I wasn’t finding newborn. So I decided to do a basic simple sock myself…..and write it down.

So now that I have said it out loud maybe I will hold myself to it. I have all the math in my head, but no baby foot to try it on. I will let you know if they are worth sharing. If it looks way off I won’t show it. 😉

Here goes counting rows of ribbing.

I’m back. 😉  Not liking my heel.   I’d like to keep it to one of the heels I make a lot.  I’m off to recalculate.  If I can’t get them to look right I’ll be skipping on the finer gauge sock.

I’m back again.  Head throbbing. 😉  First heel was too tiny next one is barely a heel.  I’m trying to picture a baby’s heel but I don’t think I’m happy with either.  I’m checking a couple books and searching harder for an existing pattern.

Honestly I’m thinking one of the existing patterns on smaller needles is probably the best use of time.  I mean I’m not into reinventing the wheel.   So, I’ve ripped out my sock.  I’ll post later what I do. 😉


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