Step away from the computer

Oneandtwoco from Craftsy

I went looking Craftsy to research patterns for motif blankets.  I started with crochet.  In no time I was down a rabbit trail.  Good thing I’m not the best with directions and don’t know what I’d do with a crochet applique.  If you think this is cute you should check out the rest by one and two co’s.   I would love to collect them all.

Bowtykes’s Patterns

I also love the sock monkey lovey.  I know I could do the granny part, not sure about the head.  But I have cast on the two baby gifts I need, and don’t know any others so it will remain on my wish list. 😉

I also found 3 blanket patterns to consider.  So they went on my wish list.  I hesitate to look at knit blankets.  I might never get to the existing projects.

Once I finished at Craftsy, I was going to look at several other sites.  But I can tell now my local store, my pattern selection and Craftsy will have all I need for the next several projects.

Time to step away from the computer.  There is much to be done. 🙂

Have a great day what ever you do today.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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2 Responses to Step away from the computer

    • Just Nancy says:

      I thought so.

      I am constantly amazed at designer’s creativity. I am occasionally inspired to tinker with what I make, but I could never actually design. I will happily support others. 🙂

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