Ready made Crochet

I got a Boston Proper catalog today and love this sweater. Or I should say I would if it was bright.

Yes this probably means my age is showing.  I’d love to make several things I wanted in the 70s but didn’t know how to make.

If I had a pattern I would switch from my circle top~ now possible vest to a top.

Anyone know of such a pattern using fingering weight yarn?  Or does the picture give anyone an idea of how I want my vest to look?

DyakCraft is going to release it’s crochet hooks again.  (Timing is relative.  I’m not saying soon, because your definition of soon might be different then theirs.  Plus I’m not sure they used the word soon.)

I think I like my crochet hook more than my needles.  And that’s saying a lot.  I really want to try a Hummingbird (I think it is) because I use an over hand grip.  But the Peacock is pretty too, and if I remember correctly works for either grip.  But my inline is so awesome.  It made my Seeing Stars (blogged about here and on Ravelry) a breeze.  It just flew!

I can’t wait.  I can feel the stitches flying off my hook now. 😉


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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