Craftsy is releasing an App

I am a big fan of Craftsy.  It gives artists one more option for patterns and techniques.

I only use the knitting and crochet section but there is also felting, jewelry, paper crafts, quilting and sewing. There are free and paid patterns as well as free and paid online classes.  I really like the online class concept.

More and more designers are offering patterns and I think I’ve got more things in my wish list than I had in my library at Ravelry.

Like Ravelry the patterns you put in your library are stored and available should you happen to delete them from your device.

At long last they are coming out with an app.  OK, I only found Craftsy after leaving Ravelry so 6 months or so?  But I’m excited none the less.

I’ll be downloading it as soon as it is released and try to remember what it offers beyond accessing Craftsy through Safari.

Any knitting or crochet apps you love?


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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