Free Guide to Knitting Needles

Free Guide to Knitting Needles

I got the e-book email from Interweave.  Especially since I’m not on Ravelry, I went to see if there was anything new.

I was hoping to see how the DyakCraft metal tips looked and were reviewed compared to the others.

I already know I hate Signature Needle dpn.  Most know I was super excited when they were first announced.  Then there is the one color thing.  For that price I’d rather not be limited in what color I own.  And for those who say that’s often the way it is, i.e. crochet hooks, I dig through for a color I want or switch brands. 😉

Then there are the grooves.  I had hoped they would offer both grooved and smooth dpn, but sadly, no.  I would have thought they had the materials on hand, because as I understand it, their other needles are smooth.

None of that is in the review, by the way.  I kind of would have thought it might have said something about this feature (pro or con).  Instead this is all they said:

“The finish on a metal needle
will affect the grip it has on stitches and
its overall appearance, though stitches will
tend to glide quickly and smoothly on most
metal needles. Nickel-plated metal needles
have the lightest stitch grip, facilitating
fast, smooth knitting. The surface
treatment of anodized aluminum needles
produces a slightly stronger grip.”

But, back to DyakCraft, there was nothing.  So not only is there nothing specific about their metal needles, but no mention at all.  So,  I guess long story short. You get what you pay for.  I’ll just say it didn’t seem like there was much information in this particular download.

Some day I’ll get around and buy a set of tips when I buy more cables.  Of course, I’ve always got more to cast on then I’ve finished, so I need more of them too.

And my personal dream that they will offer their metal needles in dpn.  I would be buying sock size and preemie hat size as a start to try out.  Till then, I’m over here looking for reviews and dreaming.


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2 Responses to Free Guide to Knitting Needles

  1. awarpedknitter says:

    Glad you blogged about this, I am a member of Knitting Daily but never seem to get the e-mails. My first thought was that they didn’t review DyakCraft ’cause they are in the process of changing their production or perhaps that they were just too small a company but they included a review of a brand of needle I’ve never heard of.

    • Just Nancy says:

      Glad I could help. 😉

      I seem to get their e-mails but not on a regular basis. I had some of the same thoughts you did. I also thought maybe it was the current wait time. But that really shouldn’t impact a review of their product for quality. I mean some are willing to wait. (Says the person working on yet another order with one in line.) 😉

      I wondered too if their intent was to include a broader market. (The Tulip needles for example I think are rarely seen in US yarn stores. But might be a good option if shopping online or at JoAnn’s etc. Thinking out loud, not saying I’m right.)

      I also found a baby download with some booties I think I may make.

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