Freeze Me

Last week I arrived home and walked out back to help my husband around our pool.

Later I wondered where I had lost my newest project. I thought almost definitely DeBrands off DuPont in Fort Wayne. But deep down I didn’t remember carrying in my knitting.

I went about my day and evening. Still no knitting. I am always excited with a new project. But this one made me a bit more sad. For me it is a big commitment.

First because it is not variegated and is like 120 stitches in a K1 p1 rib …… For 72″.

Second was the total price for the project.

Last I can’t buy more because it is one of this kettle dyed or buy all you need to be sure the skeins match yarns. So even though it is the start of the scarf, replacing the skein isn’t an option. Ugh.

Somehow as I started to doze off about midnight, I remembered.  I set it down on the wood crib on my way to the backyard.

I just couldn’t stand to leave it out in the dark, so out I went in my pjs.

For some paranoid reason I grabbed a ziplock and left the whole bag in my freezer till today.  I spotted the first bug, outside my silk knitting bag in the ziploc.  Curious if there was anything else, frozen I dumped the rest on a piece of paper.

Phew, nothing harmful to my yarn (that I can tell) but, had I not put it in the freezer and something crawled on me I would have freaked! Ick.  I’m glad I went ahead and gave it a time out.

Should it happen again it shall spend time in a big chill. 🙂


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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