Are they ‘that’ small?


Sadly, yes. They can be. First do you know most otherwise healthy babies in the US go home after the regular time if they are over 5 pounds? That small newborn/preemie size is small but amazing it is the bench mark for going home.

Glenna Anderson Muse designer of Warm Hats for Wee Knoggins also blogs about preemie needs.  In a recent post she adds pictures of a tiny little one, Corbin.  Yes, he is ‘that’ small.
I will add a few more hints I’ve come up with. I send most of my hats in the micro or mini preemie size. Not the nearly ready to go home size. But I also aim for a really stretchy hat so they loook small but there is room to grow with the little fighter.
For the smallest size I cast on 30 stitches on my US 4 or 5 needle. If you knit tightly you’ll want to adjust. I knit until the hat is just longer than the full length of my index finger. Then I reduce for the top. I’ve measured and for me this creates a 3 1/2″ – 4″ hat. If in doubt I knit a few more rounds.  
For the next size I cast on 36 on a US 4-6.  Part of my needle choice depends on my yarn choice.  When I use fixation it naturally provides additional stretch so my needle is a smaller size.  If I am using 100% acrylic in a baby or DK weight I go up accordingly. 
I also have a little chart I made I try to keep handy.  It is based on Bev’s sizing.   I make sure my hats just squish within the lines, trying to be sure they aren’t too tight.  
My method is much easier for me than counting the rows or remembering to measure. I like progress, not details. 😉
Hope you find Glenna’s information as helpful and inspiring as I do. And I hope you consider knitting or crocheting a few hats. If you are interested in some more links or more information let me know. I’ll do what I can to find an answer.
I’m off to knit. 🙂

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