Thank you yarn stores

Where would we be without you?

I am not always in my favorite store.  Sometimes it’s the hours, sometimes I’m combining trips a different direction, maybe I want something they don’t carry or I’m not in any store.  Still I think of that owner and hope business is doing well.

I have no doubt I am an odd customer at best.  I hope not demanding, but I like yarns others probably do not.  When I was at Ravelery one of my favorite groups was Colors Colors Burning Bright.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has said, ‘How about this?  It is bright’ and then are surprised when I’m not loving the colorway.  I have just enough of what I consider muted yarn sitting unused and now with a tight enough budget I only buy those colors I will dream about.

Luckily after a bad couple years in dairy,  I think I accumulated enough yarn to keep me knitting (or crocheting) through the budget restrictions from the drought.

Dig deeper in my sock yarn box in my picture and there is an array of bright, electric, and bold yarn.  It makes me happy and that’s why I knit or crochet.

I love that our fiber is so relatively easy to get.  Back when I was young I saved allowance or baby sitting money and went to Ben Franklin I am sure for Red Heart skeins.   I do wish I had that first crocheted beanie today.

I think acrylic is a good choice for most baby items.  I don’t think most moms want fussy washing instructions.  Especially in those first weeks when you can’t remember the last time you actually slept for more than a two hours.  One new mom admitted to washing a disposable diaper in with the baby clothes.  And for a blanket or toy, acrylic will surely stand the test of time.

I also use acrylic for dishclothes/scrubbies/Tawashis.  I love the colors available and how well they work.

And of course acrylic for preemie items I donate.  This is a touchy one because I can’t always find a nice acrylic.  I don’t like the slimey stuff.  It bugs me in my hands.  But DreamBaby is awesome.  So are several others.  (i.e. another stand by Fixation by Cascade.  Washable cotton with a touch of elastic for staying power.)

But wool is amazing too.  If you see me in real life many months of the year you will find me with bold hand knit socks under my jeans.  Or bright gloves.  Possibly a scarf or headband.  🙂

And Mango is made from Spud and Chloe sweater and oh so lovable.  And my Seeing Stars was as well.  Unfortunately my budget prevents me from using it more often.  But I do love it.

I seek out fabulous often hand dyed colorways the way my mother used to seek out a piece of antique glassware.  I limit myself to colors I can’t leave behind.  Ones I can not wait to cast on, not just collect them.  (Though I have broken my habit of casting on in parking lots just to let the colors play.)  I even dream about colors I hope to find.

I am so glad we have many more options now.  Off to crochet. 🙂


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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