Knitter’s Handy Patterns ~ iPad

I see a purchase in my future. A bit of a disclaimer, this is not an app. It looks to be an eBook.

But this is my go to book for basic socks and gloves. Having the info on my iPads would be really nice.

Wonder if it allows you to mark the pattern. I will look into that before clicking to buy. But I am excited to see more digital offerings. 🙂

Edit:  Whoops, it is just an eBook and you can not mark up the patterns.  I did write to ask if they would be changing this any time soon. Till then I will probably stick to my versions I have created.

For those interested, I went through and did the large sock (one of several patterns I turned ‘digital’).  I included the infomation I sometimes need.  Then I color coded the numbers as needed.

One such pattern looks like this:



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