Top down app….book


I am in baby sweater knitting mode. I am having trouble finding patterns for the size (infant), preferred yarn (fingering weight) and top down.

So for some reason I turned to the App store. I was super excited to see this ‘app’. I love my Ann Budd books and have considered patterns by Jared Flood.

But for $9.99 I hesitate. That is well above my casual buy it/hope I like it price. (Even before that dropped due to the extreme weather here on the farm.). I scan for sizing and don’t see that it calculates, or does anything. Then the review.

Guess it is in fact a digital offering of a print version. That is a fine thing to offer. And I know Apple is fiddly and things have to be bought thru iTunes. (I actually like that.). But I would hope there was a way to make this look less like an app and more like a book or magazine.

Maybe I missed that in my excitement. Back to the drawing board so to speak. Or if all else fails the worsted baby sweater on my needles. (It just feels bulky and as if I am cheating. Plus it hurts my hands.)

What are you liking today? Hope you find something. šŸ™‚


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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