Darn things keep getting Prettier


I really like DyakCraft’s  (http://dyakcraft.com) new Autumn color.

DyakCraft Autumn image

I think Dakota was around before but I like it as a bit of color for those looking for a more natural look. But I would also love to have some charcoal dpn.

It doesn’t appear they are offering each of these in all needle styles. But gee they are pretty.

Along with their needles getting prettier, so is our weather. 6 weeks with less than 1/2″ of rain just won’t grow crops. It is too late for most of our corn. But happily we got some rain last week. Finally! Whoo hoo!!!!

The dead spots are leaving our hay field. (One of our irrigated fields is posted above.) Alfalfa is a perennial and so the thought of losing one is a double whammy. Not just that Year’s crop and but the investment in the future crop. For sure this has been a crazy weather year.

We are happy for those who got rain and thinking of those in our boat or even dryer. We think we will at least have cow feed for the year and will hold on without selling many cows. Phew! So basically holding on for happy days ahead everyone.

Till then I’ll window shop online and from my stash. But things could be worse.

So, Knit on everone. 🙂


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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