Fixating on Fixation





Have I mentioned how much I like Fixation for preemie and baby items? Especially socks and hats. I have been told by moms they stay on.

I assume it is that touch of elastic. The bad news is not everyone likes knitting with that bit of stretch. I find I can ignore it pretty easily. Which is key with this yarn. Do not knit it stretched out fully. You will be disappointed.

I also wish their colors were better. When I find a multi-colored color way seems a coordinating solid doesn’t exist.

Speaking of exist, stores that carry the yarn are harder and harder to find. One of my best remaining sources is Tawas Bay Yarn in Tawas Michigan. But sadly trips to Texas have kept me from Michigan. So I hope she still stocks it when next I head Up North.

Do you have a favorite color? Use? Pattern? Source? I would love to hear.

And if you are at a county fair tomorrow, watch for someone with her knitting. I will be at ours, preemie hats in tow. 🙂

Happy knitting everyone.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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