Red white and Blue

(Girly Knits image. Check her out sometime.)

I am being a bit silly here, but trying to stay patriotic today. Happy 4th of July everyone!

Well my picture is red and white anyway.  (Whoops, on my first monitor it was red and white.  Looks like it is in fact pink and white.  Now my face is red.)

I am blue because it needs size 11 needles. My hands get tired working that big. But I really want to knit this soon. (As long as I can get the pattern. I will be writing the designer about a direct purchase.)

I am also blue because I would like some new metal needles and not finding what I want. I am open to suggestions. It is the 4th so I will restate my strong preference for US made needles.   😉

The rest of my must have list is simple:
1. 5″ length

My preferred list:
1. Nice points
2. US made. (this moves down because of the 5″ length)
3. A color I like
4. No grooves or ridges

I say no grooves or ridges for two reasons. One I can not stand the sound. Sorry Signature Needle Arts, that means no more dpn from you. And, I am not the only one who feels this way. I keep hoping they will offer their needles both ways but they have no plans to do so.

Also if I choose metal it is to speed up my knitting not grip it. I get some might want it. But most who write me say they use that brand needle in spite of this feature. They don’t seek it out.

Maybe my DyakCraft needles will arrive and stop my quest for new needles. I am deep into preemie knitting and have too many items on the existing dpn. I refuse to put any more projects on holders. That is a kiss of death around here. ;).

So, favorite needles anyone? Even if you don’t like what I do, post because maybe those searching for info will find it helpful.

If not, hope you get to use your favorite needles today!

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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