Wooly is Out

Technically Wooly has been out. But I quit actively looking for it since I am no longer on Ravelry. But I do search every week or so for fiber apps and this week I spotted it.

It is $2.99 and puts your library on your iProduct. Last I knew they were only doing Apple. I have long hoped for a way to view my yarn. This has your Rav stash, but I wanted a really big picture. I am not sure that part of the app is vastly different than other stash apps. Except this integrates if you want it at Ravelry and in an app you only have to load it once.

I continue to hope for an app that gives me the ability to save a picture of the yarn, and minimal screen space for the yarn info. Even better a swipe or tap for that info.

I do enjoy Sockupied on my iPad and look forward to more issues. I use the Etsy app and wish Craftsy had one. I do like saving the site so it becomes an button. Much quicker than opening Safari.

What fiber apps do you like? I am off to see what I find. Hope your day is a great one.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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