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This is a previous order, but you get the idea. I like DyakCraft needles. 🙂

I have a lot of people find me through Google searches about DyakCraft. I want to post that I still absolutely love their tools. First let me list some of the reasons.

  1. American Made
  2. Artist Made
  3. Custom
  4. Broad color choices
  5. Quality
  6. Warranty

I have done business with them for years. They are not new. I read about them in a magazine. Seems like that was 2005. Then I saw them in a store but not a size I would use. So off to the internet I went. I ordered. Happily back then when I ordered and generally had my needles that week. Few had heard of Grafton Fibers or even Ravelry. Oh for the good old days.

Along the way, I also checked KnitPicks. Before I knew real life people who used their needles. But they offered far fewer choices and they didn’t offer what I was looking for. Eventually, I did see a friend’s and to my eye except for the exclusive color, they look very similar. I have never held them or used them. So I can’t really compare. I have read lots of things about quality issues.

To try to give my full experience in case it helps, I have called both KnitPicks with a question and DyakCraft. Apparently I am one of the only people who has gotten a rude response from KnitPicks but I was yelled at for questioning the catalog. Turns out I was right and the catalog was wrong. I won’t call again.

The time I called DyakCraft, they were prompt, polite and I felt they fully addressed my concerns. Of course when you are talking to the guy who handles the needles and owns the company, he probably doesn’t want you upset.

I think DyakCraft’s products are amazing. For me they are worth the price, wait, and paying in advance. I like that their finish is not a traditional varnish. It gets slicker with use. They also don’t warp or bend. I like that. I also like that they don’t get slower if I use them floating in the pool or in the bathtub. Some finishes aren’t as forgiving of the humidity (or something). I know there is more I love but I’ll try to wrap this up.

I haven’t even carried on about their crochet hooks and the amazing hook Tom creates. One day I want a Hummingbird or Peacock. (OK since I am an over hand crocheter I would like to try both.) But just more inline hooks would increase my crochet happiness. Using the one I have is a total joy. I used it for my Seeing Stars Blanket (https://justnancy.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/half-way-there) and had probably my most consistent results ever.

I said I really like their product. I have several tip stories. Some I posted here, some on Ravelry. Including shoving one nearly 3″ into my hip. The taper may not be the same as a Signature but I find the sharpness of the point to be the same on needles I have. Since each is hand made, maybe yours will be different. But I’ve got a bunch and they suit my needs.

I have lost count how many orders I have placed. I know I ordered Winter Sky dpn, and SunRise, and Bubble gum. I consider myself the lucky keeper of 2 sets of interchangeables. That doesn’t count the first order, and I may have forgotten one. And yes, I have an order in with them now since the end of April.

I did send an e-mail (probably mid May) asking if my order had the old prices or the increased prices. Truth be told, I was going to order some more quickly before the price increased. Honestly, I’m not sure if I will think they are worth the increase. I don’t know what that increase will be. If not I will cherish what I have and I will reconsider if my budget changes. Sadly I have not heard back. This is unlike them. I can’t prove the e-mail was received or that my ISP didn’t block their reply. (Things happen.). I could go the old fashioned way and pick up the phone and call. It just isn’t that important to me at the moment. Instead, I’m addressing if I want more needles. My choice. I could call for an answer. I called once. Talked to Tom and he was very helpful.

I also like the way Linda presented herself on Ravelry. And that they never went after KnitPicks over any perceived legal issues until KnitPicks went after them first. I believe, they are not the same needle. I believe (and I think they believed) no one has the right to lay claim to needles made from a laminated birch. I think they just pushed on creating a quality product until the first lawsuit was filed and then they had to do what they could to keep their business alive. To me they stepped up and developed still more products. Bravo to them.

If I could wave a magic wand I would have my current order. I would also have metal dpn (which they do not offer), more crochet hooks (which I will own one day) and something from Act 3 because I just know I will want what ever it is.

My magic wand would then go to other companies. I buy American so if I could, the reclaimed wood needles I saw at a yarn store would come in 5″ length. Signature dpn would be custom so I could choose my color and no grooves. Remember I’m one who does not like their existing dpn. I have to use them in a noisy room to cover up the sound they make. I think if the grooves were removed, I’d like them. But for the price there are colors I won’t buy. Magic wand I need you.

Oh and what the heck, I would find someone to turn dpn from hardwood from our farm. (I have the branches just in case.) And other needles to test and compare would wander into my mailbox. A girl can dream. Right?

Till then I wait for my needles like many of the rest of you. But I know I will love them and hope you do too.

Hi everyone. It is June 5th and the new prices are posted. I am digesting them. I do know the great quality of these needles. I have no doubt the prices are rising. But the site says they are raising their prices across the board by 20%.

I have to be honest. That is an amount that at the moment caused me to pause and wait to order more. If they are in your budget, they are amazing needles.

I also buy Blue Sky Alpaca dpn at a lys I love. Those run around $25.00 (I think that cost has risen recently too.  Meaning, I paid less than that for the ones I have.) But they come in a cute little tin I continue to use to store my growing set of needles.  My cigar tubes also work, but hold my larger sizes.  If I knew a cigar smoker I might actually be organized one day.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not faulting an artist for setting their price. This is about my budget and choices.  (Also my large quantity of existing DyakCraft needles.)  Our income is down on the farm and falling.  Crops are between bad and non-existant.  I have choices to make.

I may actually finish a few projects instead of buying more needles to cast on. When I need more needles, they will be DyakCraft. I have long loved them most.

I know this post is now ultra long but I thought it should all be together. 🙂

Knit/Crochet on!

Update again:  I’ve thought a lot about this post.  I stand by all I said but this blog is a work in progress.  I write what I’m thinking and I don’t have the best filter.  I respect that any business can set it’s price.  So I wasn’t really meaning to judge that choice.  I was just thinking, in my budget here down on the farm, what would this increase mean to me.  Now, nearly a year later,  everything from our production costs to retail costs are going up.  They are going to continue to do so.  It is the world we live in.  I’ve compared this increase in my post rising costs.  Long story short.  I believe this increase is in line with the rest of the market.   And I’ve ordered more needles. 🙂


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