Dog days of May


Jenny would like to say hello. Also profess that reports of her being spoiled are exaggerated.

I would like to point out she was briefly banished. She was inside, and I spoke to her. Instead of walking to see me, she went up over a leather chair and into the one I was sitting in.

When I decided she wasn’t settling down, I got up. At this time she spotted the lemon and lime I had been using to judge preemie hat size.

Instantly they were in her mouth and I was telling her to drop her prize. Out the door she went.

Later I was explaining to my husband I was going to need more yarn because the hospital back home had requested preemie hats.

He said “Oh, that’s why all the lemons have hats.”

I love that after all these years we provide each other with a touch of mystery.

Hope you enjoy your day.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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