My other love


This is one of my other loves. I occasionally make buttons for my knitting. Or use random beads for stitch markers. I love when I have a sock stitch marker for a sock, mitten for a mitten.

I took up knitting in part because I wanted to learn a new skill and my trusty bobcat isn’t very portable.  So for me the two are quite intertwined.

Today I was inspired by some of the Cascade Pema Tencel I have been using for baby wash cloths.  I’ve been looking for some patterns I had.  Basics but with a few design touches.  But I simply can’t find them.  😦  So I wandered to my torch.

I’d love to knit out in my studio.  I enjoy the peace and quiet out there.  But somehow the idea of all that glass and my yarn just don’t mix.  😉

Now I am inside to make lunch and then knit.  Life is good.

Little things bring me joy. Hope you have joy in your life today.  🙂

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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2 Responses to My other love

  1. awarpedknitter says:

    This is educational- I had no idea that you did glass making. I’m not allowed near matches in my house and am in awe of someone who uses fire for good.

    • Just Nancy says:

      Best stay away from the matches then. 😉

      My lampworking is an extension of an early desire to do furnace glass like the big boys. I started that journey in the 70s with stained glass lessons. Now furnace glass and large glass work (plates, wine glasses, etc) is done as a hobby, but not by me.

      We built a barn and I have a lovely corner. It is being over run a bit by things of my childhood and things left behind by college kids. But, my bench stays free of things not glass for obvious reasons.

      I used to have a glass website that had a few tutorials but I decided to use that money in other ways. Maybe I’ll post some finished beads.

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