It isn’t reform for me because I have always voted. But so many complain about voting. I don’t get it. I even work the polls when asked.

Still I realize I must be in the minority. I am lucky enough to go to the polls, knitting in my purse, and discuss knitting while waiting to vote. (We do need to get together Deb.)

Then, I brought home yarn donated for my preemie knitting. Thank you so much Mary! You really help my preemie knitting. (Unfortunately, since I left Ravelry I don’t have any contact info for you, so I will have to wait till I see you in person to thank you.).

But my knitting won’t wait. I will try to remember to count or take a picture of my donations. Gee, maybe I need a new category…….

As we headed home I was super excited. Voting and donated yarn. What a country!

Hope you vote and have a fiber surprise in your day.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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